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Meet Robin.

Hi there! I’m Robin, founder of (and baker at) Sweet Piggy!  

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been surrounded by animals. From growing up riding and caring for horses to training horses and pet sitting in my adult life, I was born with a passion for our four-legged friends! Given my love for baking, It was only natural that I would find myself making delicious, natural treats for dogs and horses to enjoy. After heaps of research, a couple of burnt batches, and a whole lot of love, Sweet Piggy Baking Company was born. I couldn’t be more excited to be serving up healthy treats for your beloved pets!

Why the pig?

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A pig? For a dog and horse treat bakery? What’s that all about?

The answer to all the above is Butterbean: a loving, sweet yellow lab who came into my life and changed it forever. 

Butterbean was many incredible things, but first and foremost, he was a total piggy. He would eat just about anything—never picky, always hungry! Any fruit or vegetable; if it was in my hand and smelled like food, Butterbean was immediately interested. The name Sweet Piggy comes from Butterbean’s gentle and easy demeanor, but also his endearing and insatiable love for food. I wouldn’t have wanted any other namesake!

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